Samantha Delargy

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, CEO and Founder of the Freedom Over 50 Formula

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My Story

After I struggled with my weight, my sluggish thyroid (hormones ALL over the place) and feeling completely exhausted all the time, I hit my line in the sand moment so to speak in 2016.  I joined a nutrition challenge that was the spark that changed everything for me.  My whole perspective and relationship around food and how it works in our body was completely shifted from that one challenge. 

Fast forward 2 years...

I could say that program changed the course of my life because it was what pushed me to become a Nutritionist, to work with people just like you and it allowed me to understand what the heart of the problem was. The weight and the exhaustion, the lack of energy is just a symptom of a bigger issue.  

But just simply learning what the root cause was isn’t what got me here-- Because knowing that isn’t what makes you successful. There are a lot of people, who have been struggling for YEARS, doing the trial and error of ALL of the diets, and coming up short, every time. 

What got me here is a fundamental belief that I am responsible for how my life turns out and therefore it’s entirely within my power to achieve success. 

Basically, I decided to believe in myself. 

Even before there was proof that I ‘could make it work’. 

NOW, I teach people a simple way of eating so that they can lose the weight and keep it off, all while regaining their confidence and control over their cravings. And I love it.

I love empowering you to believe in yourself. To ingrain in you the belief system that you CAN have whatever it is that you want and that you CAN feel amazing, HAPPY and incredible in your own skin. You CAN lose the weight and keep it off, I see it happen every single day!

Are you ready?  Let me help empower you and help you change your relationship with food and your body so you can feel so proud, confident, and sexy in your body!